There is no TV in Minecraft, hence there is no TV crafting recipe. Although it’s not too difficult to construct one if you have the right materials and a little imagination. Keep in mind that there won’t be a lot of channels available.

Minecraft, the popular sandbox game known for its limitless creativity, allows players to build and design their virtual worlds. While the game doesn’t have traditional TVs, players have found clever ways to simulate television screens within the Minecraft universe.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explore what a TV is in Minecraft, how to create one, make a movie, craft a small TV, and whether you can obtain a TV for free within the game.

How To Make A TV in Minecraft


What Is a TV in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, a TV is not a standard in-game item or block like a crafting table or furnace. Instead, players have devised creative ways to mimic the appearance of televisions using various building blocks, materials, and Redstone mechanisms.

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These virtual TVs are often purely decorative and serve as eye-catching additions to players’ homes or structures.

Is It Possible to Make a TV in Minecraft?

While Minecraft doesn’t offer an official TV block, players can create the illusion of a TV using several methods:

  1. Pixel Art: Build pixel art on a flat surface to depict a TV screen. You can use colored blocks, wool, or banners to create images or patterns resembling television content.
  2. Maps: Use custom maps or resource packs to display images or animations on in-game maps. By hanging maps on walls, players can simulate moving pictures, making it seem like a TV screen.
  3. Redstone Contraptions: Players with advanced Redstone knowledge can design intricate contraptions that mimic the functionality of a TV, such as a screen that changes colors or displays patterns when activated.
  4. Command Blocks: With command blocks, players can create custom effects, including animated screens or visual displays triggered by specific commands.

Lamps Made of Redstone And an Oil Painting

With this technique for creating a TV, you can experience the gratification of turning a knob and observing a noticeable change in your surroundings. Assuming you have some Glow Stone Dust on hand, it’s a simple enough thing to whip up.

All you need to do to produce this kind of TV is construct a basic Redstone circuit that links together some Redstone Lamps. Paintings will be hung on these lights; they are translucent and will allow the light from the Redstone Lamps to shine through.

The combination of this illumination and having to physically “switch on” the device gives it a convincingly real-world TV vibe.

What’s Necessary to Construct It

  • 1 Lever (1 Stick and 1 Cobblestone)
  • Artwork No. 1 (8 Sticks and 1 Wool of any color)
  • Toggle between 2 Redstone Lights (1 Glowstone block and 4 Redstone Dust each)
  • The required amount of Redstone Dust to join the Lever to the Redstone Lights.
  • As an alternative, you can set the Lever next to a Redstone Lamp to supply direct electricity to it without the need for a circuit (this would be like turning your TV on manually instead of using the remote)

How to Construct It

  1. The two Redstone Lamps should be set up in a 21 configuration next to each other.
  2. The Lever must be placed at a strategic spot.
  3. Leverage the Redstone Lamps into operation.
  4. Cover the Redstone Lamps with the Painting.

For a 2×1 Painting to generate, you must place it on the left Redstone Lamp while also blocking the block above it.

If you want a bigger TV, you can apply the same procedure, but increase the size of the Painting and the number of Redstone Lamps.

5. Electronics can be concealed in any way you desire.

6. Use the Lever to turn the TV on and off at will.

Reinforced Concrete with Plate Glass.

This TV is much easier to use, however it lacks the interactivity of the Redstone Lamp version. You may create a simple yet attractive TV out of some black blocks, some glass panes, and some wood planks.

What’s Necessary to Construct It

  • Anywhere from two to four black squares (Coal Blocks, Black Wool, etc.)
  • Two-Paned Glass (16 Glass Panes can be made from 6 Glass blocks on a Crafting Table)
  • Ten or more identical wooden planks

If you’d rather not utilise wood planks in your decor, you can use any other kind of block.

  • 4. Two identical trapdoors constructed of wood (2 Trapdoors can be made from 6 Wood Planks on a Crafting Table)

How to Construct It

  1. Build a 43 wall out of wood slats, leaving a 21 opening in the middle.
  2. Insert the two black blocks into the two by one opening.
  3. Add two more black blocks, labelled “speakers,” to the screen’s left and right.

The speaker blocks can be any dark colour you like, even grey.

4. Put the two glass panels in the space between the speakers.

The Glass Panes can’t make the full width of the TV without the aid of blocks on either side.

5. Trapdoors should be positioned on the speakers and inverted vertically so that they resemble the front of real speakers.

How Do You Make a Movie in Minecraft?

Creating a movie in Minecraft involves capturing in-game footage and then editing it using external software. Here’s a basic outline of the process:

  1. Record Gameplay: Use recording software (e.g., OBS, Fraps, or built-in screen recording tools) to capture gameplay footage while you play Minecraft.
  2. Edit Footage: Transfer the recorded video to video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, or free options like DaVinci Resolve or HitFilm Express). Edit and arrange the footage, add effects, and create your movie.
  3. Export and Share: Once your movie is complete, export it to a compatible format (e.g., MP4) and share it on video-sharing platforms or with friends.

How Do You Make a Small TV in Minecraft?

To create a small TV in Minecraft, you can use the pixel art approach. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose a Location: Select a spot in your Minecraft world where you want to place the small TV.
  2. Gather Materials: Collect building blocks or items to create the TV frame. Common choices include black wool, black concrete, or obsidian for the outer frame.
  3. Design the TV: Create the TV screen by placing a solid color block, such as a white wool block or a gray concrete block, inside the frame. This will serve as the “screen.”
  4. Decorate the TV: Add additional details, such as buttons (using wooden buttons or item frames) or speakers (using note blocks), to enhance the TV’s appearance.
  5. Customize the Display: To mimic television content, create pixel art or patterns on the screen using colored blocks, wool, banners, or maps.
  6. Add Lighting: Illuminate the TV area with Redstone lamps or other light sources to make it stand out.

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Is Getting a TV in Minecraft Free?

Yes, creating a TV in Minecraft is typically free, as it involves using in-game blocks and items. Minecraft offers a vast array of building materials, Redstone components, and decorative elements that players can use to craft and customize their virtual creations, including TVs.

In summary, while Minecraft doesn’t have an official TV item, players can use their creativity and various building techniques to simulate TVs within the game.

Whether it’s through pixel art, maps, Redstone contraptions, or command blocks, the possibilities for crafting unique TV-like displays are limited only by your imagination. So go ahead, design your Minecraft TV, and add a touch of entertainment to your blocky world.