More and more people in the anime world are tuning in to the programme that is producing all this buzz because of this accomplishment in only two episodes. We’ve got you covered if you’re one of the many people who’ve been meaning to start watching this anime but haven’t had a chance.

Find out when the third episode of Spy x Family will air and catch up on what happened in episode 2 by reading on.


When will Episode 3 of Spy x Family be Available?

Spy x Family Episode 3: “Ready For The Interview” premieres on Saturday, April 23 at 11:30 AM ET / 8:30 AM PT on Crunchyroll.

Spy Family Episode 3 Release Date

A Look Back at Episode 2 of “Spy x Family”

In the second episode of Spy x Family, Loid Forger comes to terms with the fact that he must complete Operation Strix with a phoney wife. Along with his trusty friend Franky, he researches local women’s personal information. Yet, at first, he is unable to discover an appropriate candidate.

Yor Briar, our undercover assassin, has finally joined us. Contrary to what her coworkers may think, her personal life isn’t quite as exciting as her professional one. Yor’s friends are continuously mocking her for not having a boyfriend at the age of 27, suggesting that she go out there more.

Camilla, a coworker, offers to help (more like mess with) her by inviting her to a party, with the catch that she must bring a plus one. Yor’s boyfriend’s whereabouts have caught the attention of more than just her coworkers’ curiosity.

The same is true of Yuri, her younger brother. Yor lies to Dominic, Yuri’s undercover detective, and everyone else about having a boyfriend so that she won’t have to worry about Dominic finding out the truth.

But before she goes out to recruit a partner, she demonstrates once again why she is a top-tier killer. A little later in the episode, Loid and Yor meet at a tailor through sheer chance.

Loid and Yor don’t want to get too involved in each other’s lives at first, but Anya’s cute mediation helps them work up the courage to approach each other for help. They agree to do so with great enthusiasm.

Loid undertakes a task before the celebration, leaving Yor to attend the event alone. She retreats to a quiet nook, where she questions her need to show off. As she turns to leave, a bloodied Loid rushes in and, to everyone’s amazement, says that he is her husband. Despite this, the couple is taken seriously by everyone.

Not long after leaving, Loid and Yor find themselves in peril, forcing them to demonstrate their prowess in perilous situations. There is no time wasted for this match made in spy-assassin heaven to pop the question to each other in spectacular fashion. To propose to Yor, Loid uses a grenade pin, and she accepts with the words, “Till (my mission/my killing) do us part.”

You won’t want to miss Episode 3, which will show the extremes to which Loid Forger goes in preparing his “family” for the impending interview.