Tower of God, an adaptation of Lee Jong Hui’s (S.I.U. )manhwa, was a smashing success because to its exciting animation and riveting plot.

But that was in the year 2020, and it’s been some time since we heard anything about the anime or whether or not Tower of God: Season 2 will continue Baam’s arduous climb to the summit of The Outer Tower.

“Tower of God,” a webtoon turned anime sensation, has been the talk of the anime community since its debut. Its compelling storyline, coupled with intense character dynamics, has kept fans on the edge of their seats. With the release of Season 2, there’s even more to discuss. Let’s scale this tower and uncover its mysteries.


Tower of God Anime Season 2

Thankfully, early in the month of August, Crunchyroll hosted its 2022 Anime Expo, and the announcements made were a dream come true for anime enthusiasts.

Tower of God Anime Season 2

Despite the release of trailers for other new anime like Chainsaw Man and Trigun Stampede, Tower of God is one of the lucky few to be renewed for a second season.

Fans who were as shaken by the shocking conclusion as the rest of the audience should brace themselves: production on Tower of God Season 2 has begun.

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When will the Second Season of Tower of God be Available?

Crunchyroll has announced that a second season of Tower of God is in production, but they haven’t shared any information about when we can expect it to premiere.

Thankfully, the anime’s Twitter page has released a teaser for the upcoming second season, which recaps some of Baam’s journey in the first season and provides a few glimpses of what’s to come.

We can Presume that Tower of God Season 2 will Also Consist of 13 Episodes, as the First Season Did.

Although it has not yet been announced, it appears that Telecom Animation Film will be in charge of the animation once again based on the trailer.

The animation was a huge factor in the success of the anime, and while it was definitely a kind of weird we hadn’t seen before, it fit in surprisingly well with Tower of God’s low-key rhythm.

What Happens in Season 2 of “Tower of God”?

So far, the Tower of God webtoon has 550 chapters, which is a ridiculous quantity for any series. The sections are split into three parts, and Tower of God: Season 1 covered all of part one, but with some changes to the tale.

For this reason, the second season of Tower of God will begin with Yuri approaching her older sister Jaina Zahard for assistance in tracking down Baam.

After that’s wrapped up, the webcomic’s second half will officially begin, jumping ahead in time by a shocking six years, and following Baam as he joins the party of Ja Wangnan, another regular, and tries to climb the rest of The Outer Tower in an effort to find his pals.

If the anime stays true to the source material, we might even see them explore beyond the known 135th floor, to 21b.

Regardless of the story’s eventual outcome, knowing that a second season of Tower of God is already in the works is reassuring. However, the upcoming chapter of the manhwa is shaping up to be better than before, so there is no way any reader would be dissatisfied.

Ratings: How did Season 2 Fare?

The second season of “Tower of God” received notable ratings, reflecting its sustained popularity. Critics and fans alike praised its complex character development and riveting plot twists, marking it as a must-watch in recent anime releases.

Tower of God Anime Season 2 Stellar Cast Returns

Season 2 saw the return of our beloved characters with their original voice actors. Bam, Rachel, and Khun, among others, are back, and their voice actors have delivered performances that breathe life into their intricate personalities.

Tower of God Anime Season 2 Navigating the Plot

The plotline for Season 2 delves deeper into the tower’s lore. As Bam’s journey progresses, he uncovers more about his mysterious past, the tower’s origins, and the intricate web of relationships among climbers.

Tower of God Anime Season 2 Directorial Brilliance

Under expert direction, “Tower of God” smoothly transitions from webtoon panels to animated sequences, ensuring that the essence of the story remains intact while also adding a new dimension through motion and sound.

The Enigma: Rachel

Rachel, one of the most polarizing characters, continues to be a pivotal part of the story. Fans are always eager to uncover more about her motivations, her relationship with Bam, and her own journey up the tower.

Why the Hiatus?

There was a brief pause in the release of “Tower of God” episodes. While many speculated reasons, the primary cause was the need for production time to ensure the quality of the anime remained consistent.

Tower of God Anime Season 2 Success in Adaptation

Adapting a webtoon into an anime is no small feat. However, “Tower of God” has not only successfully made this transition but also expanded its fanbase, garnering appreciation from both webtoon readers and new fans alike.

Leading the Climb: Season 2 Protagonist

While Bam remains the central character in “Tower of God,” Season 2 introduces new characters and gives depth to existing ones, making the narrative richer and more layered.

Endings and New Beginnings

As of now, “Tower of God” has not officially ended. The webtoon continues, and fans are hopeful for more seasons of the anime adaptation. With so many questions left unanswered and paths unexplored, the tower’s allure remains irresistible.

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“Tower of God” is more than just an anime; it’s a testament to the allure of mysteries, the complexities of relationships, and the unyielding human spirit. Whether you’re an old fan or new, Season 2 promises a climb filled with suspense, emotion, and revelations. So, are you ready to ascend?