What do you do when you are absolutely free? Playing games, reading books, or watching movies? If you are a movie buff or if you are the kind of a person who loves to watch movies, then this article is for you.

Most of the sites that will be mentioned in this article include a good collection of movies with no streaming costs. Subsmovies is a streaming platform to stream Movies that include subtitles(if you need them) absolutely free of cost. It has a good collection of movies with a cool-looking user interface.

It also gives you movie recommendations based on your streaming history. But, if you couldn’t access this site for some strange reason, then have a look at these top alternatives. This article helps you in suggesting the top alternative websites to Subs movies.


Top 10 Subsmovies Alternatives You Must See

This article includes a list of 10 websites that can be potential alternatives to Subsmovies. The list goes as follows:

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1. Openload FreeTV

The first website on the list is open load. it is one of the most well-organised streaming websites to watch movies. It includes popular movies like The Avengers and series like money heist.

By using the search bar you can find the movies which you are looking for. It includes most of the Netflix content. you can watch all of it for absolutely free. Movies are sorted very well on this website.

They are arranged in alphabetical order from A to Z or you can also find movies based on the categories. Different categories include action, comedy, adventure, romance, family and kids, thriller and others.

Another cool feature is that you can also watch movies based on the year of release. If you are that person who watches those good olden movies, you are just a click away from your phone.

Just click on the year and watch the movies that are released in the year. There is a little drawback of this website. You get ads now and then. But these ads are limited. They don’t keep irritating you all the time on website. Yeah, so you can consider this website as an alternative to subsmovies.

2. Putlocker

Putlocker is yet another alternative to subsmovies. It is one of the most entertaining and stable websites to watch movies online. It has wide variety of movies and there are a lot of them. Not just movies, if you are an anime fan you can watch anime as well. It also comes with Asian drama and manga as well.

Good thing about this website is that there are no ads on this website but you could encounter some ads on the third party sites which will be redirected from this side.

It provides you with the links of other websites which are also used to stream movies. But is recommended to the users not to download movies from third party websites. So you can consider putlocker as one of the alternatives to Subs movies.

3. YIFY film

Fast. This website is really fast and responsive. You can find almost any web series or movies that you are looking for. But in order to stream online it offers hosts belong to third parties. You need to wait a little here.

Its user interface is so good so that even a new user can navigate through the site easily. It offers best dreaming quality with low buffering. There is also a discussion forum where you can interact with your friends and others to discuss about movies. By using the search bar you can also find the movies that you are looking for.

4. Movie4K

Movie 4K is also another potential alternative to Subs movies. Its homepage includes the movies that are popular and recently released movies. There is a search bar provided in the site to make the task of finding movies easy.

You want to hear something awesome? This website is free of ads. You can find lots of movies like horror movies, thriller movies, comedy movies, drama movies, action movies, sci-fi movies and other movies.

It maintains good streaming speed while watching movies online and the quality of video is also good. It definitely provides you with the latest movies in the site. For a moviegoer like you, movie 4K is one of the best platforms to stream movies online.

5. FMovies

Fmovies is one of the top websites to stream web series and movies online at best quality. You can download and stream TV shows, web series and movies on the website for free. It has attractive user design and the user can navigate to movies very easily.

Not just movies, you can also find trailers of upcoming movies. This feature makes this site special. The website optimises the video quality based on your Internet speed. Some unique features of this website makes it special and you can see it as an alternative to Subs movies.

6. 123Movies

123 movies Has been one of the major destinations for movie lovers to watch movies online. It has good design and a user friendly interface.

Supported on almost any device that supports media playing. You can also stream this website on Roku, Android, Apple TV and other platforms. Categories of movies include or a comma trailer, crime, comedy, fiction, drama and more.

The user can sort movies by year of release or genre. There are multiple mirrors for each content which are hosted on a third party server. It’s big collection of movies makes it one of the most followed websites for movie streaming. So, you can consider this as an alternative to Subs movies.

7. AZMovies

AZ movies you should experience for movie streaming. There are enough servers maintained to keep the movie running. You also have the facility to download the movie to watch later offline. You can select the movie quality, size, audio and subtitles as for per wish.

This feature makes this website so cool. This website has an official Reddit account. It also keeps improving its stuff by adding new movies. You can have the list of movies sorted as per year of release or the genre.

It can recommend users to watch the most popular videos from many streaming services. so you can consider this website as an alternate to subs movies.

8. YesMovies

Yes movies recently got updated. The newest version is quite appealing and it’s speed is good. The homepage consists of three options movies, research and TV shows. there’s also a collection of classic movies. you need not create any account to stream movies on this site.

So you can stream hours of content on this platform without giving any of your details. And of course movies include lot of categories. Some of them are classics, drama, western, horror, adventure, thriller, action, sci-fi and others.

Yes movies is allowed by most of its users. this can be one of the potential alternative to subs movies.

9. Putlocker HD

Putlocker HD offers you movies to stream in HD quality. The interface of the website is good looking and the user can navigate through the site easily. It comes with the night mode option. if you are the person who likes night mode then you’re having it on this website.

You can choose movies from categories like anime, suspense drama, fiction, thriller, romance and others. Apart from providing movies it also provides you the IMDB details, year of release.

However, there will be ads and pop ups showing up in every now and then. Putting this aside, this website offers you the best streaming experience. You can choose this as an alternative to Subs movies.

10. Viooz

This is a new website for online streaming. It includes wide variety of movies with a huge collection. You can sort movies alphabetically from A to Z. The movies and TV shows on This site is updated on regular intervals of time. It offers its content via third party servers.

You can also have a look on IMDB rating as well. You also get other relevant information about movies. But, this website has downsides too. the most irritating thing on the website is a lot of ads and pop ups which can spoil your mood of streaming.

If you are okay with those ads, you can consider this website as an alternative to Subs movies.

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If you are a movie lover and love to watch movies, then go take your seat, grab some popcorn and start streaming on the sites listed on this article. If you’re a fan of Subs movies, and you couldn’t stream it for some reason like restrictions on your geographical area, then stop worrying.

We have suggested alternative sites in this article. Most of them are good enough to stream movies and watch TV shows. try some of them and I’m sure that you enjoy the streaming experience on one of the websites. Peace!