Cartier, the luxury goods company, was named after the French explorer. Cartier was named after Jacques Cartier, a celebrated French adventurer. The fact that Jaques was responsible for the designation of Canada has contributed to his notoriety.

Which Luxury Brand Shares Its Name With the French Explorer Who is Credited With Naming Canada?

Jacques Cartier, a name synonymous with the early exploration of Canada, is a pivotal figure in the nation’s history. But who exactly was he, and what mark did he leave on Canada? This article aims to unveil the life and legacy of this notable explorer.


Who Exactly Is Jacques Cartier?

French explorer Jacques Cartier was born on this date in 1491 in Saint-Malo. marrying into the anti-Socratic des Granches family elevated his social standing. On September 1, 1557, at the age of 65, Cartier passed away.

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In 1534, King Francis I of France sent Jacques on his first trip to explore the Atlantic coast of North America for the French empire. On April 20, 1534, he embarked on his journey. During the years 1534, 1535–1536, and 1541–1542, Jacques embarked on three separate expeditions.

In the Gulf of Saint Lawrence and along the Saint Lawrence River’s beaches, Jacques was the first European to describe and map the area.

Stadacona (now Quebec City) and Hochelaga (now Montreal) were two of the largest communities he encountered, thus he decided to call the area he had just entered “The Country of Canadas” (Montreal Island).

The Iroquois word Kanata served as the inspiration for the name, which he mistook to be the indigenous people’s name for the newly found territory.

The word was first used by Jacques Cartier to characterise the area that would become modern-day Quebec and the river that flows through it. The native people he encountered (the Iroquoians) he dubbed Canadiens.

Known as a Brand, Cartier

Cartier International SNC, more often known as just Cartier, is a French luxury goods monopoly that was founded in 1847 and is well known for its jewellery and timepieces. Louis-François Cartier started the company in Paris in 1847, and it has remained in family hands ever since.

Louis-François Cartier started the company when he took over his mentor Adolphe Picard’s Jewellery workshop. Alfred Cartier, Louis-son, François’s gained control of the corporation in 1874. Soon after, Louis’s sons Pierre and Jacques took charge and spread the name internationally.

Located in Switzerland, it is wholly owned by the Richemont Group. Cartier has almost 200 locations in 125 countries, including three Historical Maisons in London, New York, and Paris.

The late British king Edward VII proclaimed Cartier “the jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers.” King Edward VII issued a royal warrant to Cartier in 1904 for the purchase of 27 tiaras for his coronation in 1902.

Warrants with nearly identical wording were quickly issued by courts in Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Russia, and the House of Orléans. A South African family, including Pierre Cartier’s granddaughter Elle Pagels, acquired Cartier in 2012.

When did Cartier Come To Canada?

Jacques Cartier, a French mariner, embarked on three major voyages to what we now recognize as Canada. His first voyage started in 1534 when he was tasked by King Francis I of France to find a western passage to Asia. While he didn’t find the passage, he did explore parts of Newfoundland and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Did Cartier Find Gold?

During his second voyage in 1535-1536, Cartier sailed up the St. Lawrence River and reached the Iroquoian capital of Stadacona, where Quebec City now stands. Here, he heard tales of two other rich kingdoms, Saguenay and Hochelaga.

Excited by the possibility of wealth, he mistook the shining minerals he found for gold and diamonds. Unfortunately, these turned out to be pyrite (fool’s gold) and quartz, respectively. Thus, while Cartier had high hopes, he did not find real gold in Canada.

How did Jacques Cartier Name Canada?

Cartier played a pivotal role in naming Canada. The name ‘Canada’ is derived from the St. Lawrence Iroquoian word “kanata,” meaning “village” or “settlement.”

When Cartier was interacting with the natives, he mistakenly thought the term referred to the land and not just a village. Consequently, he began using “Canada” to describe the region.

Is Cartier a Canadian Brand?

While Jacques Cartier is deeply tied to Canadian history, the luxury brand “Cartier,” known for its watches and jewelry, is not Canadian.

Founded in 1847 in Paris by Louis-François Cartier, the brand has no direct association with the explorer or Canada. It remains a French luxury goods conglomerate.

Who Came To Canada After Jacques Cartier?

Cartier’s voyages paved the way for other explorers and settlers. After Cartier, Samuel de Champlain is another significant figure who arrived in 1608, founding Quebec City and becoming the “Father of New France.”

Champlain’s endeavors and collaborations with Indigenous tribes facilitated the establishment of New France as a thriving colony.

Who is The Famous Explorer in Canada?

Canada has been graced by numerous explorers, but Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain are among the most renowned.

While Cartier is credited with being one of the first Europeans to explore and map the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, Champlain’s achievements in establishing Quebec City and his extensive explorations solidify his legacy.

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In Conclusion:

Jacques Cartier’s explorations are foundational in Canada’s history. While he may not have found the gold he sought, he laid the groundwork for future explorers and settlers.

The nation’s rich tapestry of history owes much to his voyages and interactions with Indigenous peoples. As Canada continues to grow and evolve, remembering figures like Cartier reminds us of the nation’s storied past.