1337x was launched in 2007 and as of 2024, it is the third most popular torrent website according to TorrentFreak. It is an amazing torrent website. The vast collections include free movies, TV shows, games and music, and much more.

Anything you are looking for can be found here effortlessly with no time on spare. The features are equally attractive as the content it homes. There are lots of catalogs and sorting options and descriptions for a torrent.

You can download the files and there is a comment section if you want to vent anything. The community is good with regular uploads and magnetic links provided for users, but the website is certainly banned in many countries and there are many other alternatives providing more features and content that are described below.

In the era of digital content, the need for platforms to download and stream content has grown exponentially. Torrenting websites have provided a solution to this need, and among the most prominent is 1337x. This article delves into the world of 1337x, its history, offerings, and the considerations one should have while using such platforms.


What is 1337x?

1337x is a popular torrent website that offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, music, games, software, and other digital content. Its name, ‘1337’, is derived from “leet,” a term used to refer to “elite” in hacker slang.

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10 Best Alternatives To 1337x In 2024

You can check those websites and then pick up the best one you like.

1. The Pirate Bay

It is a torrent website that provides the content to users. It uses the system of magnetic links where files are stores as values that can be searched by the users. It provides the information where you can find the files.

It allows the sharing of popular content including video, audio, and electronic games and also the recently released movies and shows. Though it provides one of the best stuff for the users but there are no meta links provided for the users which means they cannot download the torrent instead they can only download the file directly.

2. ExtraTorrent

It was launched in the year 2006. On the website, users can search, download and upload torrent files and magnetic links with vast collection of content available on the website.The features are fascinating and one of the features to highlight is the advanced search function where you can type the required content.

It also shows that the user interface is friendly and easy to use. It is one of the best torrent sites to look upon and though the original website is shut down while many mirror sites have come up where you can get the content.


It is a decent alternative to 1337x and was launched in 2008. It has all the desired torrent content for the users and is one of the top-visited torrent websites. The content available on the website is amazing and the service delivers almost all the torrent links to download.

The features make it handier to reach to your content such as categories in which content is displayed where you can stream and download without any limitation. The user interface is also friendly and makes it easy to search and saves time. You can surf and search the content seamlessly through the convenient search engine.

4. KAT.cr

It provides a directory for torrent files and magnetic links. It was founded in the year 2008. It supports more than 30 languages in which hundreds of users share the content. The content is vast which spans to over 10 million files and a famous file sharing searching engine for torrent files.

The content includes films, video games, music, and programs. There are millions of visitors each day over the website. All the latest content is available on the website as soon as it is launch. The user-interface works smoothly and many mirror sites pop up on the internet as soon as it comes down.

5. SumoTorrent

It is very easy to use the torrent downloading site. The website has quality content and valid files. It delivers top-rated content and favors quality over quantity and every user can contribute torrents to the site. The website delivers the best torrent files as recognized by BitTorrent.

You can download all kinds of torrent data through the website and it has an automatic repair system in case if torrent file is crashed. It has the best features for effortlessly using the platform. You can easily search and download the content.

It has the latest music, movies, TV shows, and series. It has directory which includes top downloads, alerts, search clouds and favorites that have made the search simplified.

6. LimeTorrents

It is a torrent search engine for trustworthy torrent files and content. It has a directory that is dedicated to valid torrents that you can download. You can download variety of stuff that is available over the platform such as movies, TV shows, anime, music torrents and eBooks, and much more.

All the stuff can be easily accessed and downloaded because of the efficient interface.

All the top-quality content and the site is verified as legal which makes the users stay on the website and attracts entertainment enthusiasts. The content is regularly updated and has extensive directory of torrent files.


EZTV is one of the best torrent distributor website. You can search and download the content and also contribute torrent files and magnetic links to the website. It has clean and easy to use user interface that facilitates easy search and surfing.

It is the place for many entertainment lovers to go for getting latest torrent files. You can find limitless TV shows in the website and download them without limitations. The features are amazing and useful at the same time.

You get simple and advance search boxes to surf the shows and also the content is available in categories to choose your favourite show. It also has many more significant features such as recommendations of content and more you get to know as you use.

8. IsoHunt

It is a popular torrent search engine to find decent torrent content. It has hundreds of torrent files that are listed online in various categories. The categories include music, videos, apps and programs and various other items on the list.

The users can share and upload torrent files as well. The users can also make their torrent files and then share them. The features also make it best among the website such as search options along with complex search options including Boolean search.

The site is considered best when considering peer to peer torrent systems. The content is available in various genres for the users and you can do as much streaming as you want without restrictions.

9. TorrentReactor

It is one of the oldest Torrent resources among all. It is well known among all torrent fans and actively provides torrents to users. You can also share torrent files on the website which means you can contribute to the website and it also helps other users.

All the content is well organized in categories. This makes the website a user-friendly platform making it easy for the users to stream the content.

The website also makes it easy for the users to search the torrent as the website supports an advanced search engine system. Almost everything you type is sure to get you to the desired content with a friendly user interface.

10. Torrentz

It is a meta-search engine tool for internet location. It hosts links to the independent search engine that might hosts the content files but it does not in any way make an available torrent for direct download.

It is the very dependent torrent source, hosting millions of torrent files that are collected from various torrent providers. It also has the feature of sharing your own created torrent with others.

It has many interesting features such as users can check their votes and comments and other recent activities in the profile page. Moreover, all the content that is on the site is verified and valid.

What has replaced 1337x?

Over the years, due to the nature of torrent websites and their potential copyright infringement issues, 1337x has faced numerous domain seizures and shutdowns. As a result, several mirror and proxy sites have emerged to provide continued access.

While 1337x remains active, there are also alternative torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, Kickass Torrents, and RARBG that users might turn to.

Is 1337x Still Works?

As of the last update, 1337x continues to function, albeit through various domains and proxy sites due to domain seizures. Users often need to search for the latest working domain or use proxy sites to access the platform.

Who is the founder of 1337x?

The actual identities of the individuals behind 1337x remain unknown. Maintaining anonymity is common among founders of such platforms, given the legal challenges and copyright issues associated with torrent sites.

Benefits of 1337x:

  1. Wide Array of Content: 1337x offers a vast library of movies, TV shows, music, software, and more, catering to diverse user interests.
  2. Organized Interface: The platform categorizes content neatly, making it easier for users to find specific torrents.
  3. Community-Driven: 1337x has a dedicated community, with users rating, reviewing, and commenting on torrents. This helps in determining the quality and safety of downloads.
  4. Regular Updates: New content is frequently added, ensuring users have access to the latest releases.

Is 1337x Safe?

The safety of using 1337x, like other torrent sites, is twofold. First, the platform itself doesn’t host content but provides links to torrent files. This means users aren’t downloading from 1337x directly.

Secondly, torrenting copyrighted content without proper authorization is illegal in many countries. Users should be cautious of potential malware and always ensure they have up-to-date antivirus software when downloading torrents.

Is 1337x Free?

Yes, 1337x is free to use. Users can search, download, and upload torrents without any charge. However, given the ad-supported nature of most free torrent platforms, users should be prepared for pop-ups and redirect ads during their browsing experience.

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Final Words

1337x is a popular website for torrent sources. But as there are many websites that may attract users because of the unique features they offer, there are several alternatives that you can approach. Also, as torrent websites may get shut down torrent fans can look upon the alternatives stated above which are all worth trying.

1337x remains a significant player in the torrenting community, known for its vast content library and user-friendly interface.

While it offers a plethora of downloads, users should approach with caution, keeping in mind both the legal implications of torrenting copyrighted material and potential online threats. With the right precautions, 1337x can be a valuable resource for those seeking specific content.