is an Internet Protocol (IP) address that is used for systems like the Edimax, SMC, Siemens, Belkin and lots of different routers. IANA declared this IP address to overcome the lack of more IPv4 address range. This IP address cannot be used to connect with any outside router beyond the home network. IP Admin Login, Username and Password

Whenever you want to configure the router for making any changes, then you have to log in to the routers admin panel. is this type of IP address, and this article is going to help you in every possible way it can and will also guide you to safe your router.


How to Setup IP Address, Username and Password

Each router and modem have login credentials and also a default IP address which allows you to access the settings. is a type of IP address which is used to access the settings of the routers like 2Wire, 3Com routers, ADSL routers, and many more.

There are some prerequisites which are to be followed to access the default gateway:

A system which is connected to the home WiFi and a system at which you can access the browser.

Step 1 ⇒ First of all, enter the or IP address in the search bar of your Browser, and if your router has this specific IP address, you will get the login page. - How to Login IP Address

Step 2 ⇒ If you have just bought a new router, then you must have a default username and password of the router. You can use the below-mentioned column to find out the default username and password:

admin admin
admin password
user user
user password
admin Michelangelo
admin 12345
admin 123456
admin 1234567
admin 12345678
admin 123456789


Step 3 ⇒ Although you are using the private IP address for your network, it is recommended you to change the SSID which is the name of the network that is visible to others in your network tab. Keep the name short and simple and do not use any personal information in it. Admin Page

Step 4 ⇒ Your router may have a private address, but you should always ensure that your connection is secure, which is done by changing the default credentials.

Tips for Your before changing the Router’s Username and Password:

1. It should have a good mixture of the alphabets and numbers.

2. The password should be 8-16 characters long, a little bit complex, and also, it should be easy to remember.

3. The username should be user-friendly and also simple.

4. Remember this information for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Problems

Q 1. Why am I not able to connect to the router: http;//

Most of the peoples are not able to connect to the default gateway login because of the typing errors. You must make sure that there is no semicolon but a colon after http or https. I am writing the correct address for your convenience.

Q 2. How can I change the password for the

Firstly access the default gateway using the IP address. Enter the username and the password. Now look for the WiFi setting (different methods for different router/modem). If you have direct TV & WiFi, then you can use a home network and choose the wireless router option. Type in the Device Code when it is requested (found on the side of the gateway). You can change a name, SAVE.

To change the default password, users need to select WPA/PSK encryption settings which is going to highlight the greyed out password. Now Change the password and save it.

Q 3. Don’t remember the IP Address Username and Password?

You can also contact the Internet Service Provider (ISP) to get the default credentials. Fix: If you have changed the default username and the password, then you need to reset the router because of which you can use the default credentials once again.

Steps to Reset IP Address and Router:

Note: Let me tell you that resetting the router is going to erase all the previously saved data and settings also. It will turn you router settings into factory settings.

Step 1 ⇒ Firstly turn off the router.

Step 2 ⇒ Then press and hold the reset button for about 15 seconds using a pointed object like a needle and then turn on the router again.

Step 3 ⇒ Now, release the button and allow the router to reboot.

Step 4 ⇒ Finally, connect to the router with a WiFi connection and or a network cable and then log in using the default credentials.

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In conclusion, I hope this guide proves useful to you. Thank you for reading!