When the concept of mobile apps was first introduced back in 2008, it was a niche market and there were just a few hundred to choose from. Today, there are virtually millions to choose from, and apps themselves have become an essential business tool.

There are many reasons why businesses of all sizes may choose to invest in app development, outsourcing their app’s design and development to specialist development companies.

For instance, Dreamwalk’s iPhone apps are virtually all developed for small business owners looking to fill a gap in their community’s wider digital infrastructure.

The Benefits of Releasing an iPhone App

Whilst the major benefit to releasing an iPhone app is simply that companies gain an opportunity to forge their own place in a rapidly digitizing world, there are a myriad of other benefits that must be mentioned. We’ll be outlining these other benefits of investing in app development below.


Digital Transformation Has Been Accelerated And Mobile Is The Face Of This Trend

COVID-19 forced businesses across all industries to accelerate their digital transformation strategies and a McKinsey & Company study has revealed that digital offerings have surpassed seven years of progress in just a few months. In particular, the growing shift to online channels is one of the major driving forces of this boom.

The idea of eCommerce ventures or platforms for anything and everything, from grocery shopping to financial transactions, has become more and more attractive to consumers, especially so under lockdown where digital processes were facilitating a large chunk of our traditional everyday tasks.

This shift toward online purchasing is here to stay, with Kayla Carmicheal writing for Hubspot emphasising this point by saying: “Ten years ago, I couldn’t have cared less if the new burger place downtown had a website. Now, I don’t trust one that doesn’t.”

When it comes to engaging a digital-first audience, no other medium can achieve the same results as mobile apps. It is the only platform where you can stay engaged with your audience and personalize your message to the individual consumer.

The use of mobile apps allows businesses to engage with their customers, and it helps marketers identify consumers’ touchpoints.

Businesses have been transformed dramatically by mobile apps, which have created new opportunities. As companies can keep in touch with potential and current customers via mobile apps, these digital tools will undoubtedly give your business a competitive edge and boost your customer retention rates rather significantly along the way too.

Apps Establish Your Brand And Help Build Consumer Trust

Customer service can be enhanced through a mobile app. Customers feel more connected to your company through an enhanced mobile app. You can use apps to respond to customer questions, inform them of discounts and special offers, and give them a platform to directly interact with the company.

Mobile apps simplify and streamline customer service for businesses. Customer representatives can be reached at any time and appointments can be scheduled on the phone. These benefits extend further than just an improved customer experience, though.

A challenge many startups and small businesses have is establishing themselves in a crowded market. Having an app is a way you can immediately present your brand message, story, products, and services to your audience. Your app will enable you to position yourself as well entrenched in your industry, even if you are just starting out.

By using your app to establish your brand, you can build trust with your customer base – which is critical. Research has shown that consumers who trust a brand are more than twice as likely to be the first to purchase new products.

Apps As A Vital Element of Multichannel Communication with Customers

Multichannel marketing will enable you to meet customers where they are already spending their time, and increase your ability to reach them. You probably have a range of target audiences with varying preferences when it comes to how brands communicate with them.

Customers might prefer SMS or text message notifications if they are busy professionals, whereas others may prefer to call your company to speak with a real person. Regardless of consumer preferences, you will be able to improve your overall communication experience by meeting customers where they are.

Benefits of Releasing an iPhone App

You can also learn more about your customers and their preferences with a multichannel marketing strategy. You’ll find out which platforms they use and when they are active on each one.

The feedback you gather will also be easier to gather since customers will be more likely to respond to surveys on platforms they frequently use.

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A mobile app is a critical part of any multichannel communication strategy as 86.7 billion apps were downloaded in 2020 alone, highlighting how many customers are using this platform as a way of connecting with their brands.

Be sure to consult with your selected app development agency or other specialists to ensure that your visions surrounding the development and design of your app are perfectly in alignment with the style and skillsets of your app development team.