In this world of vast technical place, it isn’t abnormal to see student depend on software for helping the students with their studies. Nowadays, many educational services have enlarged their range of performances towards the addition of Learning Apps and online programs. The reason for this can be assigned to the complete perspective found in digital works and their massive ability to influence the learning process.

Best Learning Apps for Android and iOS

There is more pivot than ever on learning at home, continuing one’s education, and utilize the internet for the illustrations information tool that it is. The use of an android app in different institutions is becoming a major thing, even in some features of assignment help students.

Android-powered programs play an essential part. The difficult task is not to find these apps, but to find the best once, which help in studying complex subjects.


Why Do We Need Learning Apps?

Influence of technology upon children and education has been vast. Education was once equalized with money, but now things have changed. A good education for students will no more be a dream. Its inexpensive even the ordinary families can avail this facility by a mobile phone in which these applications can be downloaded.

While there are many such learning apps are available on the app store, choosing the correct learning app for the student can change the perspective of students towards studies. Educational apps nowadays are making learning and education easier and direct for the students.

Books are nowadays found to be boring and tiring for children whereas, substitute of them is with the colorful pages, moving animations can make studying fun to the core. Interaction propensity in students is intensified by learning apps.

10  Best Learning Apps to Increase Your Knowledge

The power of the digital world lies in the vast amount of resources that fill its flaws and corner. Many apps also promote child-friendly control. These apps have also reduced the gap between parents and teacher.

#1. EdX

EdX is a vast open online course provider. It guides in university-level courses in a huge range of disciplines to a worldwide student body, which in addition to some courses at free of cost. It also includes some research into learning conducted on how students use this platform.

It is an online education which is available in languages such as English, Mandarin, French, Hindi, and Spanish. This app is created by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University here more than 70 schools, corporation and also non-profit organizations provide or plan to offer courses on edx website.

#2. Google Play Books

Google eBooks is an eBook digital distribution service which is run by Google. The users can download eBooks, audiobooks, and can also purchase them when needed.

Books can be read on a committed books section on Google play website, by the use of mobile app accessible for Android and iOS, by the use of selecting e-readers that provide a brace for Adobe digital editions, between a web browser and reading along with Google home.

It is the largest eBook collection in the world. It runs on android, ios, chrome, and web. It also permits website owners to gain a commission by referring sales to the parental Google eBook store.

#3. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational firm created in 2008 by Salman Khan. It was created with the target of generating a set of online tools that assist in educating students. This educational firm provides short lessons in the form of videos.

This website app and its content offer languages like English, Spanish, Hebrew, Turkish, and Hindi. Etc. it provides E-learning education. It also has its 5 official website translations with 20,000 closed captioned videos.

#4. Quizlet

Quizlet is a web-based and mobile based study app that permits students to study information through learning tools and games. It is recently utilized by two-thirds of high school users and half of the university students in the United States. Quizlet teaches students by flashcard and many games and tests. It now is among the top 50 ranks of the website.

It provides various languages like English, German, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, French and Russian, etc. It has its rank of 238 worldwide, 49 in the U.S. As a memorizing tool, quizlet allows to register users to create sets of terms and definition personalized for their own needs.

#5. Socratic

Socratic is an education and teaching company that provides a mobile app for students. The app uses AL(artificial intelligence) technology to assist students with their studies and homework via offering them educational courses like videos, Q and A, definitions, and more.

Socratic provides a total of 4 main groups of subjects which are: Math, social science, science, and humanities. This app also helps students take a photo of homework questions by using optical character recognition; this app is able to read their photo and provide the answers.

#6. Solo Learn

Solo learn is an online mobile learning platform that provides free coding classes in 13 different programs. Solo learns is the app is available iOS, web, and Android. Solo learn was developed and launched by Yeva Hyusyan in 2014 in Pleasanton, California on 11th Nov 2014 solo learn was named the best startup at international startup contest.

The courses are free of cost on solo learn the app. Solo learn also has 20 million learners, and counting it has over 1000 lessons and more than 10,000 quizzes. The topics at solo learn are covered in perfect order. It is a wonderful place to learn to program.

#7. Udemy

Udemy is an online learning app and website. It targets professional adults. Udemy use content from online creators who sell for profit. Udemy offers tools which assist users in creating a course, earn it, and promote it from student tuition charges. It was founded in 2010.

udemy provides a platform to students that permit instructors to a developed online course on topics of their choosing. Using the udemy course, students can also upload audio, PDF’s, PPT presentations, live classes, and zip files to create. Udemy also provides paid and free courses which depend on the instructor.

#8. Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a computational answer engine organized by alpha LLC, a subsidiary of wolfram research. This app answer quires directly by computing the answer rather than providing web pages or a list of documents that contain the answer as a search engine might. The rank of wolfram alpha is 3,962 worldwide.

Users submit inquiry and calculation requests by a text field. Wolfram alpha then calculates and applicable envision from a knowledge base of accurate data that come from different sites and books.

#9. Byju’s

Byju’s learning app is quite popular for think and learn privately. LTD. Byju’s is a Bangalore based online tutoring firm which was found in 2011 by BYJUS Raveendran. In 2019 BYJUS obtained US-based osmosis which is a maker of educational games for children who are aged between 3-8 years.

This company trains students for competitive examination such as CAT, IAS, JEE and many more. The main focus is on mathematics and science where the concepts are explained with full clarity and in context using animations and providing proper illustrations.

#10. Brainly

Brainly works as a group of social learning apps for students and tutor brainly supports to share and explore knowledge in a common manner, and appealing in peer to peer educational help. The network has a component of gameful thinking in the form of motivational point’s ranks and uplift users to engross in the online community.

Brainly offers questions as well as answers for students looking for assisting students with homework related chore. Students ask questions to the community, and then they provide or assistance in return. All the questions are classified by the subject of country and school level.