Chromecast Apps: The Chromecast is one of the most innovational streaming device in this mobile-first period of technology, changing we use TVs, even many of the older TVs that don’t have modish features!

Just connect your chrome cast into an HDMI port on your smart TV, and you will be able to cast the content to your chrome cast, which then shows on your TV through the chrome cast own HDMI output.

Chromecast Apps

You can cast the apps installed media content from YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, HBO GO, Google play, Google play music, and hundreds of variety of options. Many of these applications are all free to download, but some Chromecast Apps like Netflix or HBO GO might require a subscription to cast the content to your TV.

It’s only a benefit that the chromecast itself doesn’t have apps installed locally. The chrome cast is streaming link. The tablet and smartphone will add support for casting, which can automatically grant the setup chrome cast and stream content to it.


Features of Chromecast Apps

Google assist make simple your online life. It can also gain control over your TV with chrome cast. When the chrome cast was launched in July 2013, it was rapidly sold out. It still has sales 55 million the chrome cast is a useful device for streaming Netflix, YouTube and more content from smartphone to your smart TV, as it needs a strong Wi-Fi configuration to support streams that don’t buffer. The adapter seems like the existing chrome cast power cord.

Connecting the chrome cast to HDMI port on your TV, and then you are ready to stream whatever you want. More services that effort with Google home comprise CBS all access, Viki, Crackle, Starz, Red Bull, HBO Now and CWTV.

Google, which owns YouTube TV, movies and Movies, and TV and Google play are also braced. We just have to see that our smartphone you have in the daydream and also the chrome cast is run on the same Wi-Fi network, and you have Google home app installed (Android, Ios).

There’s a lot of great content on Facebook live that would be an advantage from being on the big screen. If anyone who use Google slides, then you can also represent your presentation with chrome cast since Google cast is into chrome.

The Best Chromecast Apps for Android and iOS

#1. HBO Now

HBO Now is one of the favorite options to use with chrome cast among the users. There isn’t an interesting content streaming on TV these days, but the interesting content that does look like to be on service like HBO.

Not only HBO will save your money, but you will still be free to watch old, current, and new series that stream on HBO. This app is also free to install; there’s also a free trial service available. It’s also easy to connect up with your Google assistant.

#2. Netflix

There are over 148 million active streaming subscriptions. Netflix is a user’s favorite. Netflix offers the user’s a lifetimes worth of content at an affordable rate of subscription; there are much variety of movies to choose from as well.

Netflix provides standard movies and TV shows. There’s also a free trial service available for the users by which they can take advantage before committing. Netflix also has a deal with Disney as well where you can watch the latest Disney and Marvel content.

#3. Google Play Movies and TV Shows

Google play movies and TV shows have a great advantage that you can buy and rent digital copies of the latest movies that are just running in the theaters. You will also be able to purchase and rent the digital seasons of top-rated TV shows and movies.

The great chrome cast combination any of the content that can easily be viewed from the Google play movies and TV shows app on your smartphone or tablet simply to you chrome cast.

#4. YouTube

YouTube has consistently been one of the best Chromecast apps available. Nowadays, everyone has YouTube in there smartphone and tablet. There’s a crazy amount of new videos which are daily being uploaded by the users to the platform every day.

YouTube permits you to watch the videos you love and also watch your favorite games and also launched new YouTube gaming. There’s also a new branch of YouTube TV. Here, you can watch TV channels but at a discounted price.

#5. Google Play Music

Google play music is the best ways for those within the environs able to stream or cast music to the TV.

Google play music is free if you want to download it, and the very basic feature is that music is free to download, and many of its features are free to use. The access to Google plays music start at $10 per month.

#6. Play Station Vue

Ready to say bye-bye to that cable subscription which just looks like to get more expensive every month? Then choose live TV streaming service, which is play station Vue and get access to movies, shows, and even sports.

There are nearly 55+ channels that you will be able to stream live and will be able to cast on your TV with the help of chrome cast.

#7. Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular Chromecast apps out there. Everybody loves listening to music so, here is giant Spotify, here you can cast the music from your iOS or Android gadgets to support chrome cast on the network.

Now, here you will also be able to create your playlist of music and can also listen to the songs through Spotify music discovery via the “discover” section.

#8. Google Chrome

One of the unique features of chrome cast is that you can exhibit and cast websites to your TV with the streaming device.

Through this, you will be able to show friends and family your favorite website, memes, article, and even images that you want them to see! It also, most importantly, permits to mirror what’s on your smartphone.

#9. Twitch

Big gamer? Then twitch is the app you must have on your tablet and smartphone. Here you will be the streamers who can play your favorite games live on this app.

Not only this, but you can also discover other streamers by direct searches and classify what you would like to watch by the type of game. It is also a great place where you can catch up on your favorite eco sports tournament.

#10. BBC iPlayer

Most of the people hear about BBC iplayer is that they produce great content. If someone is in the UK or is using a VPN, you can watch some awesome series.

Install it to the smartphone, and you will have immediate entry to loads of great content like news casting.

#11. Hulu

Hulu is one of the Chromecast Apps for streaming your favorite on-demand content. They have a huge library of shows that are old and new inclusive cartoons way back in the day.

Hulu also has a prosper kids section that will keep the children entertained and engaged. Hulu also recently released a Hulu with live TV service. Hulu is free to download.

#12. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio will help you connect up to national radio stations all over the United States, as well as some other international choices.

Here, you have to listen to your favorite talk radio and also if you want to listen to any specific audio shows that are streaming. As a bonus iHeartRadio also catches up with other music airing services by offering subscription which will give you an entry to an unlimited music library.

#13. Prime Video

Amazon prime video has been around and is in trend for some time now; it is also starting to compete with Netflix nowadays.

There are lots of great TV shows and also movies on Amazon prime video. It will also have access to the original content. Amazon prime video is free to install.

#14. Google Photos

Google photos is the most used app on mobile for syncing up the visual data catalog such as personal photo and images.

It has a chrome cast features which make it possible for users to browse and to see the private photos on their TV screen.

#15. TED

TED is definitely one of the must-have Chromecast apps. Ted talk videos are nowadays in a trend and are getting very popular, and its ideas are worth expanding the idea that can transform someone’s life.

Videos in ted gives inspiring ideas here the topics on which mostly talked are philosophy, intellects, philanthropy, and art. You can grasp from touch screen to TV for the better experience.


Summing Up

Hope you’ve liked our list of 15 Best Chromecast Apps for Android and iOS.