Everyone is talking about health and fitness today. Everyone is trying to get in better shape because of luxurious lifestyles and by being fit it makes you feel special, and you don’t want to be left behind.

Thankfully, your mobile device can help you became a fitter and healthier you with Fitness Apps that cost next to nothing. You don’t have to blow to your saving on gym membership and personal trainer fee if you know how to use your smartphone as a training tool.

You can easily keep a track of your training program, you can also come to know how far you’ve come in your the personal training program, and your device can help you keep a tab on your progress easier than ever before.

Fitness Apps - Ultimate Apps for Workout

Fitness Apps like Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and Zombie Run use your phone’s GPS to track your distance and speed whenever you go out for running or cycling, giving you a self-generated progress report.

Use Workout Apps like these to monitor your improvement and share your outcomes with colleague to stay inspired while you work out.

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Benefits of Fitness Apps

#1 – Get Free Workout Ideas

If you don’t have the time or money to go to the gym and work with a personal gym trainer, it can be difficult to plan a workout routine. Luckily, your smartphone can help.

You do not have to spend your money on fitness books and professional routine. Fitness app can help you plan the perfect workout to achieve your fitness goal.

#2 – Monitor Your Diet Every Day

Diet is an important part of fitness, and your smartphone can help you keep a track on your diet every day. Whether you are losing fat or high protein food to lose weight, there are Nutrition Apps that can you keep a track on your food intake. Try the apps today and see how they can do for your fitness routine.

Best Food Trackers, Workout and Fitness Apps

There is a wide range of fitness app available on the internet.

#1 – Google Fit

Google has also taken care of fitness, so it has launched its own app, which is google fit. Google fit is a health-tracking application created by Google for android operators and apple iOS operators. It has a single set of APIs that combines data from various apps and devices.

The app uses sensors in a user’s activity tracker or mobile device to record physical fitness activities of the user(like running or bicycling). The design of google fit provides a user-friendly and simple design to the viewers.

However, the defect here is that the viewer will have to swipe the screen every time he or she wishes to reach new information. To overcome this, the team assures that the viewer gets detailed information about his or her activities.

Besides this users are also permitted to enter data manually. The attractive part here is the animated snippets, which come as a reward to the users upon accomplishing a goal. Google fit uses various types of data.

As shared globally, it detects the type of activity and time consumed, calories burned, distance traveled, cycling rate, weight, height, heart rate, and steps taken. The major point which comes out here is that google fit allows the third-party applications to create their own personalized data types.

#2 – MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is one of them. MyFitnessPal is a work out app which helps you track your progress. You can add all of your meals, your exercises for the day, and water intake. It also calculates the nutritional content of your meal. All you to do this to look up the meal on the library and add it.

You can also calculate your heart rate in the app and the app will adjust the workout schedule according to how many calories you need to burn to achieve your workout goal. You can also calculate the calories you burned per workout.

The major benefit of this app is that it allows you to set goals and keep you accountable for what you eat and do throughout the day.

#3 – Zombies, Run!

This app turns your daily run into the epic mission. Each run you go on is like an episode of a zombie show and you are the main character. All you need to do is start a mission and listen to the story as it runs.

What makes it more exciting is to hear zombie sounds as you run and the only way to get away from them is to get going. This app will make your workout more interesting. You can download this app on your smartphone by using the google play store.

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Summing Up

There are also some cons of fitness app. Fitness Apps can also be very dangerous because you cannot see or know that if you are doing the movement correctly. If you practice doing a movement incorrectly, it can cause you an injury, as you are putting stress on the wrong muscle at the wrong angle.

This causes bad body mechanics overall. And if you do the same movement again and again, you will start to overuse certain motions, which can cause injury. Also, the fitness apps does not take injuries and ailments into consideration. They don’t care if you have a bad knee or a weak lower back. And if you continue to do certain exercises, you can irritate and make them worse.