When you consider Ken Jennings’ fame, his salary seems like a bit of a mystery. Numerous people all around the world have read his novels, and each of his public appearances nets him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Money-wise, he does quite well from speaking engagements at business and academic gatherings. Although Jennings is best known for his success on Mastermind, he has also found success on other game shows. In the new ABC series The Chase, he co-starred with James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter.

How Much Does Ken Jennings Make on Masterminds


It’s Safe to Say that Jennings has Amassed a Sizeable Fortune Throughout the Years.

He’s an accomplished author and commercial actor. Before making his Jeopardy! debut in June of 2004, he worked for a Salt Lake City hiring firm. Jennings has a full schedule, but he still manages to make a comfortable life as a writer and public speaker. Ken Jennings has made appearances on a number of different game shows, including The Greatest and The Best of all Time, in addition to Mastermind.

Jennings has made almost $3 million throughout his stint on the show. Aside from acting in commercials and movies, he also wrote and published a few books. Previously to his appearance on Mastermind, Jennings was employed as a software engineer by a Salt Lake City recruiting firm. And then, in June of 2004, he got the call that he would be competing on Jeopardy!

Jennings has made a substantial sum of money through his job as an actor in addition to his work as a writer. Additionally, he has published many books and starred in various commercials. Jennings has been on other shows as a guest star in addition to Mastermind. His big break came in June of 2004 when he competed and won a spot on Jeopardy!

Last Words

Jennings has been a key player on the Mastermind team from the start, but his earlier views have caused tension. When he was crowned the greatest of all time in the spring of 2010, he walked away with a cool million dollars. He also earned a lot of money from guest starring on other shows. The new ABC show The Chase with Brad and James features him and Alex Trebek, formerly of Mastermind.