It is undeniably true how powerful social networking sites have become for brands looking to promote their products and services. With billions of active internet users, brands are making the most out of the opportunities social media is offering.

Videos are more favored than textual content, especially now more than ever. Social networking sites offer companies a true chance at expressing their brand in a very authentic and pleasing way.

However, a challenge that most marketers face frequently is that of making stunning videos that stick with their audience. Thankfully, here are some efficient tips that brands can use to get an edge over their social media advertising initiatives. 

Social Media Videos


1. Plan Out a Strategy 

It is no surprise that a premium-quality video requires a lot of effort and a structured strategy in the first place. Before you begin your journey of creating your desired social media videos, it is vital that you place a strategy in mind.

You want to plan out each and every element, starting from the shooting process to the editing process.

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Moreover, there are multiple other factors to consider such as budget allocation, content scheduling, competitor analysis, determining the relevant audience, and so on. Have a basic idea of the above-mentioned elements and simultaneously curate a strategy around them. 

2. Make a Striking Intro 

The first few seconds or minutes of your video are extremely quintessential in determining if or not your prospective audience will complete watching your social media videos. Today, it is quite impossible to grab the attention of your viewers for more than a few minutes.

Thus, you want to make sure that you can pull off the art of grabbing the attention of your viewers in the very initial minutes.

Create an intro that involves provocative questions, brilliant appeals, robust hooks, motivational quotes, and so on. The basic idea is to create an intro that persuades your potential viewers to stay hooked to viewing what you have to show. 

3. Make Short and Concise Videos

As previously stated, people aren’t fans of watching extremely lengthy videos due to their short attention span. You want to acknowledge this element and create videos that are short and concise.

There is something striking about advertisers who can create short and brief videos and yet convey the message they wish to. Your videos should be short in length and easy to understand.

However, there’s no point in rushing through your videos. What you should be mindful of is creating informative but concise content. This way, you will be able to capture the attention of your viewers as well as address your message. 

4. Always Incorporate Subtitles 

Video Content is one of the most effortless ways to reach out to your global audience. There’s a very significant chance that the audience who aren’t aware of the language of your video. Thus, you always need to be mindful of elements that cater to your global audience.

So for those individuals that do not fluently understand or speak your language, subtitles are a great way to make things easier for these individuals. Incorporating subtitles can moreover help people stay in the loop and be more connected to the video. 

5. Always Try and Stick to Natural Lighting 

Lighting is unquestionably a pivotal aspect that you must consider when creating a premium-quality video for your social media platform. Most advertising experts suggest that natural lighting is ideal for ideas as it helps highlight every single element in the video.

Make sure that you Utilize a solid background or use props such as curtains, a green screen, and so on to tone down the lighting in your video.

Moreover, you can also choose an outdoor setting to film your video. In a nutshell, spend a good amount of time adjusting the lighting of your video. You can also make use of a video maker to adjust and tone down your lighting. 

6. Incorporate Soothing Audio 

Believe it or not, the audio of your video is an equally crucial aspect as it allows your customers to engage more efficiently with your audience.

However, this doesn’t mean you incorporate harsh and distracting audio that can instantly annoy your potential viewers, thereby driving them away from watching your YouTube videos.

Make sure that the soundtrack you choose syncs well with the video. Keep in mind that the music shouldn’t be too loud that it drives the focus away from your content and what you want your audience to take away from your video. 

7. Add a Call-To-Action 

Last but not least, your YouTube video or any other video content for that matter is incomplete without a call-to-action. What do you exactly understand by a call-to-action? Well, it is nothing but what you want your viewers to do after watching the video.

This can be anything from asking your viewers to subscribe to your channel, visit your brand website, watch another video on your page, and so on.

This will majorly depend on your prime objective for making the video in the first place. Consider this factor when making your Call to Action. Also, ensure that it is crisp and engaging.

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Bottom Line 

Social media videos have become the new game-changers for most brands trying to impress their consumers and prospective audience who they wish to convert into long-term customers.

These are some of the easiest and most engaging ways to ensure that you create only the most phenomenal social media videos for your audience. Make sure to do sufficient research so that you can boost your expertise and skills in designing high-quality videos for your social media platforms.