In today’s world, everything is frequently getting digitized as digitalization carries a variety of norms and ways to curate and increase user engagement, in other words, because of digitalization people are getting synchronized with new technology.

Furthermore, as digitalization is the primary aspect that defines the connection between user and technology, every new tech process is somehow connected digitally and the same goes for video services, there are various platforms available that provide video streaming and managing services to its users.

Yahoo View is one of the platforms which provides video streaming services, although Yahoo View services have been shut down and the reason specified by Yahoo was that Yahoo View is becoming less popular and the company has decided to move its resources away.

However, there’s no need for users to halt or compromise with their enjoyment because there are several alternatives available for Yahoo View which provides the same services.

In a world rapidly shifting towards online streaming, numerous platforms have come and gone, attempting to capture the ever-fickle attention of netizens. Among them was Yahoo View, Yahoo’s foray into the streaming world. Let’s explore the journey of Yahoo View, its offerings, and its ultimate fate in the digital age.


What is Yahoo View?

Yahoo View was a video streaming platform launched by Yahoo as a response to the increasing demand for online video content. Specializing in providing clips, full episodes, and curated content from various TV shows and movies, Yahoo View positioned itself as a complementary service to other streaming giants.

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5 Best Alternatives For Yahoo View

1. YouTube

YouTube is far more superior and advance in terms of features and user engagement in comparison with Yahoo view. It is the most popular online video streaming and channel operating platform worldwide.

YouTube’s user community is not only limited to individual users who are operating their own channel for any respective field of content making but also almost every big company uses YouTube as the prime way for their advertisement and product analysis.

It has several common and advanced features’ for example YouTube provides a feature to live stream which means any individual or organization can host a live event or any sort of webinar, YouTube has highly analytical search algorithm so user can find the content even with the slightest relatable word along with that YouTube’s automated watch list creating feature is also very useful and provides great user interaction.

2. The Roku Channel

The Roku channel follows the same features and functionality mechanism like YouTube and is a great video streaming platform, Tubi has a lot of advance features, it provides free streaming services for individual channels although for enjoying services of channels like Netflix, and digital cable operators users need to buy a subscription monthly or yearly.

Roku has a wide range availability of popular cable TV-like Hulu Tv, Philo Review, Vidgo Review, fuboTV Review, Sling Tv Review, AT&T TV.

Roku streaming players are a more helpful and practical approach to sit in front of the TV. Simply plug it into your TV, interface with the web, set up a Roku account, and begin streaming your top picks.

3. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is a video streaming platform that provides same services as Yahoo view and can be considered as a decent alternative for it. In addition, few more feature which makes it outstanding video platform is its latest content availability.

Pluto Tv holds the content that was available in Yahoo View’s database also. Pluto TV is a free live-transfer TV and on-request video administration from ViacomCBS. It has in excess of 250 remarkable live channels that stream content with business breaks at no charge to the purchaser.

There additionally are on-request determinations. Pluto Tv has several content suppliers from Viacom properties like MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central to significant news stages like NBC, CBS, and CNN.

4. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a one of the most colossal streaming site and is often considered as one of the best under the feature of functionality of providing free streaming content which mainly focuses on anime series and anime movies.

The proof that Crunchyroll can be the best alternative for the user who loves to watch anime is because Yahoo View also had the anime section and it holds the high user engagement of anime lovers so after its termination Crunchyroll has become the prime aspect for anime.

Crunchyroll gives user an optimal bandwidth speed which provides an efficient output while streaming and clearly enhances the user’s experience and ease of streaming.

Its content keep getting updated and categorised by its makers so almost every latest anime show and movie is available here at free, although Crunchyroll also gives premium service but that is going to cost you some specific amount however that service is definitely worth it.

5. Tubi

Tubi is one of the platform which has the enormous collection with more than 20,000 films and network shows which makes it a good alternative option for Yahoo view, Tubi provides best streaming experience, and a personalization mechanism to suggest the best material for you.

Tubi claims that they give the most ideal approach to find new content and material and that too totally free of cost. Apart from its content rich segment and high availability, Tubi also has interactive as well as attractive user interface which provides an ease of usage to users.

Tubi is known as the world’s biggest streaming service platform that you can get to whenever, anyplace. The help is exceptionally appraised on IMDb, and you can partake in its support of appreciate top notch stuff.

The entirety of its classifications are allowed to browse, and its prime segment incorporates New Releases, Latest Movies, and Anime TV Series.

What happened to Yahoo View?

Launched with great fanfare, Yahoo View was Yahoo’s attempt to rejuvenate its brand in the entertainment industry. However, in 2019, Yahoo decided to shutter Yahoo View. The decision was influenced by various factors including intense competition in the streaming industry, shifting corporate priorities, and Yahoo’s changing business model.

Is Yahoo View Still Works?

No, Yahoo View was officially discontinued in 2019. The platform is no longer available, and users are redirected to Yahoo’s main page when trying to access it.

Who is the Founder of Yahoo View?

While Yahoo as a company was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in 1994, Yahoo View was an initiative of Yahoo as a corporate entity and not attributed to a specific individual founder. It was a strategic move by the company to venture into the streaming landscape.

Benefits of Yahoo View:

  1. Curated Content: Yahoo View offered a unique selection of clips, episodes, and special content that wasn’t easily available elsewhere.
  2. Free Access: One of the primary attractions of Yahoo View was that a majority of its content was available for free.
  3. Integration with Hulu: Yahoo View had a special partnership with Hulu, allowing users to access the last five episodes of TV series from ABC, NBC, and FOX, eight days after their original broadcast.
  4. Diverse Genres: From reality TV to drama and documentaries, Yahoo View catered to a broad audience base.
  5. Anime and Korean Drama: Yahoo View also had a dedicated section for anime enthusiasts and Korean drama aficionados.

Is Yahoo View Safe?

During its operation, Yahoo View adhered to standard internet security protocols, ensuring user safety. It was a legitimate streaming platform backed by Yahoo, a well-established tech company. As with all online platforms, users were advised to ensure their devices were protected against potential threats.

Is Yahoo View Free?

Yes, Yahoo View was predominantly a free service. While it offered a majority of its content without charge, there were certain premium segments that might have required payment or a subscription to Hulu.

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Video streaming is one of the prime aspects in digitization and works aesthetically under the domain of entertainment, video streaming platforms like yahoo view and all others which provides same services are magnifying their approach and frequently surpassing the market, this entire framework has had an extraordinary effect on digitalization of variety of tech processes.

There most vital point of attraction is the availability of content for free of cost which means users don’t have to spend a penny to enjoy their favorite shows or movie.

The platforms like Yahoo View and others were always on high demand but sometimes contra positive aspect is also possible which leads on the downfall of that platform like exactly happened with Yahoo View.

Yahoo View’s journey in the streaming world was brief but impactful. While it couldn’t withstand the pressures of a saturated market, it served as a testament to Yahoo’s adaptability and willingness to innovate. Even though Yahoo View has faded into digital history, its brief existence reminds us of the constantly evolving landscape of online entertainment.