More and more, Mr. Bozzi began to see that much of his sense of self was derived from others. This young man had “the son of” status at the Palm.

Mr. Bozzi married Hollywood agent Bryan Lourd in 2016, becoming “the husband of.” The raucous media figure Andy Cohen and Mr. Bozzi have been BFFs for about 30 years, according to celebrity tabloids. Yes, they have been hosted by Mr. Diller himself, aboard his yacht.)

Charmed Bruce Bozzi


Charmed Bruce Bozzi

As Sarah Jessica Parker, who has known Bruce Bozzi since the 1990s, put it, “These relationships are really important to Bruce.” Because so much of his Palm existence has been devoted to focusing on others, “I think he’d like to be his own person and to be seen as his own person.”

Mr. Bozzi considered starting a restaurant of his own, perhaps a speakeasy inspired by the Palm’s original location. He considered purchasing a property in New York City’s theatre area, but decided against it after a thorough examination of the market.

To put it another way, he remarked, “I still have too many wounds from the other. He and his wife have a daughter, who is 14, who live in Beverly Hills with them. Mr. Bozzi said gently, “I don’t want to be an absent father.” “As a kid, I hardly ever saw my dad.” As an alternative, he has set out to become a booze tycoon and a well-known celebrity podcaster.


Bozzi and his friend Sondra Baker started selling Mujen Spirits in November. Japanese shochu, a colourless and smellless liquor distilled from rice, is the subject of this range of products. It’s no coincidence that the husband of Mujen co-founder Karen Baker is a start-up investor and businessman, Kenneth Orkin. Mr. Cohen and Anderson Cooper drank Mujen while hosting CNN’s “New Year’s Eve Live” on Dec. 31.