Sara Bareilles Discusses Her Role as Mary Magdalene in the Live Production of “Jesus Christ Superstar”


Sara Bareilles was Recently Interviewed by Awards Daily TV on her Role as Mary Magdalene in ‘Jesus Christ Superstar Live!,’ her Collaboration with John Legend, and Hosting the Tony Awards.

On NBC’s Jesus Christ Superstar Live!, Sara Bareilles as Mary Magdalene wowed audiences.

Sara Bareilles Role in Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert

Those who have been following her career from the release of her single “Love Song” to her role as Jenna in the Broadway production of Waitress could never have doubted that her performance of “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” would be anything other than amazing.

When the time came, Bareilles absolutely nailed it, leaving us with chills. During our short conversation, we also briefly discussed Sara’s upcoming role as Tony Awards presenter later this month.

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Easter Sunday was not Complete Without a Viewing of Jesus Christ Superstar, and it did not Disappoint. Tell me About Your Experience, Especially After the Movie Ended and the Credits Rolled.

I was completely enamoured by it. Since this was such a massive project, we were all feeling a little elated. So many weeks had gone into practising and getting everything ready. My friend and I quipped that it was like the musical theatre equivalent of the halftime performance at the Super Bowl.

Despite all of your hard work, you only get one chance. There is excitement, and the actors and crew form a close-knit, supportive family. It was a wonderfully supportive atmosphere, and we were all extremely happy to be participating.

Were You Nervous Before this Performance?

Yes, I was anxious, but not as much as I was for the first dress rehearsal. I was a nervous wreck and messed up my blocking and lines. Having that done was a weight lifted off my shoulders, as it serves no purpose other than to clear the path.


John was a great leader for us. And yet, he maintained an air of composure, excitement, and authenticity. If Jesus isn’t worried, then I guess it’s okay for me to chill out.

One of the most enjoyable and memorable artistic experiences of my life. It was fantastic, and I enjoyed it very much.

Whether on the Programme or in Real Life, Mary Magdelene is an Instantly Recognisable Figure, and you get to Portray her. Tell me about Your Experience.

Incredibly exciting. Since my earliest memories, I’ve enjoyed watching this programme. I was 12 when I saw it, and ever since then I’ve been a huge fan of musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. Those were the songs I listened to the most when I was a kid.

It seemed to come full circle in the most bizarre way. It was an incredible honour to have Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber drop by a practise to provide input on the singers’ interpretations of his music. This depiction of Mary is refreshingly innocent.

She embodies what it is to be devoted to and devoted to loving Jesus. She shows her strength and protection for him. Her strength comes from the fact that she is always willing to help others.

That’s encouraging, and it’s important to keep in mind that there are many different kinds of powerful women in the world. I really enjoyed getting to test her out in several ways.

You Mentioned Hearing the Musical when You were Younger; can You Recall Your Impressions of it then?

The music was incredibly moving, and the moment in Gethsemane made me cry so hard I had to rewind it and watch it again. As a devout Catholic, I was raised hearing the crucifixion tale in all my daily interactions.

Seeing his life portrayed with such warmth and nuance as in that was very moving. It’s almost as if he were a myth. I loved the show because his appearance didn’t always reflect his humanity.

What Went Wrong for You? Seeing how the Theatre Community has Embraced You, First with Waitress and now with this, has been a Fantastic Experience.

Marc Platt, a mutual friend of ours, extended this offer to us. He emailed me while I was in Waitress rehearsal. I almost reentered the theatre at that point. During my five-minute break, I received an email and was unable to respond quickly enough with a “Yes!”

Are you kidding me? I want to do this, of course! The whole process took about a day to complete. On my side of the table, it was nothing but excitement.

What You did with “I don’t Know how to Adore him” was Flawless. Describe the Thought Process that Went into Creating that Music.

I appreciate it. If something isn’t broken, I didn’t see the point in trying to fix it. To be honest, all I wanted to do was provide a straightforward explanation. Excellent songwriting can be heard throughout. To be honest, I didn’t feel the need to adorn it with a lot of extra details.

As a songwriter, I understand the temptation that arises when singing a well-known song: “Oh, I have to tweak it so that I feel like it’s mine.” As a writer, it’s rewarding when readers recognise your work and appreciate the care with which you crafted the phrase.

Not because I couldn’t be distracted, but because I wanted to be respectful of Andrew and Tim’s excellent musical work.

Spectator Chatter About a Stage Show. How was this Different From Performing Your Own Music?

Something about this night was unlike anything I’d ever experienced before. Each component functioned independently. There was the television element, the theatre element, etc. You got the excitement of a rock event, plus an intriguing mix of styles.

Each of these things is something I’ve encountered before, but never all at once, and os there was a truly special vibe in the air that evening. It made quite an impression that manner. The adrenaline was racing, and it showed.

I’m grateful that we were included in the exclusive group of people who have accomplished this. It was awesome because there had only been a few of them.

What Kinds of Statistics did You Hope to See?

So many of them exist. They serve as the show’s bookends. The heavenly overture in their heads was fantastic. Both Brandon’s numbers and the final performance of Jesus Christ Superstar were very unforgettable.

For me, the highlight of the event was hearing John interpret “Gethsemane” in such a heartbreakingly beautiful way; it was an honour to be a part of his emotional journey.

You will be the Tony Awards host this June. To what Extent do you Feel…?

It’s incredible, and I’m so grateful for the warm welcome I’ve received from my new friends here. Knowing Josh Groban has made me feel grateful to have been embraced so graciously into the theatre community.

We both shared a love for the stage as kids. We got our start in musical theatre, veered off in unexpected directions, and now it’s great fun to be back on the stage where it all began. Our philosophy is to focus on how wonderful you are and how wonderful this world is. Feeling very enthusiastic at this point.

When You were a Kid, What were Some of Your Favourite Songs to Sing out Loud?

A few of my favourite musicals were The Phantom of the Opera, Evita, and Les Miserables. The Sound of Music, or Oklahoma! merch. The music in Chess was fantastic. There was a time when I could recite that score from memory.

Ms. Saigon. As a kid, I loved reading Secret Garden.

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Los Angeles is Getting a waitress. Yes, I’m totally pumped.

It’s impossible for me to accept. Our second wedding anniversary was just celebrated. We had no idea the Programme would have such a thriving existence when we first embarked on this little adventure with it.

Many thanks to our devoted audience! That’s what I keep stressing. You guys have been so incredibly supportive of Waitress, and we couldn’t do it without you.