For all who love video games and console games, Xbox One is known for them. Xbox One is a video game console developed by Microsoft Company. This console has a high number of users because of its advantages. But after all the good advantages of it, it is a piece of technology.

That means it is also going through technical problems. The most common problem faced by Xbox One users these days is that it won’t turn on. Sometimes it may happen that it will turn on but after a second it shuts down suddenly without any signaling. This is to be a point of concern.


If you have the same issue to turn on your Xbox One, then you are in right place. In this article, you will know everything about how to fix the issue if Xbox One won’t turn on. So, read it completely to know the solutions to fix such glitches.


How to Fix Xbox One Won’t Turn On?

Although there are so many reasons due to which such kind of issue arises. But, the major reasons for this problem are such as fault in power connection or maybe the overheating of the console. Despite all these reasons, this issue may be happening in most of the Xbox One consoles.

Hence, it is the most common error or issue faced by the users. Here are some quick ways to follow which will help you out through such issues. Let’s see the solutions to fixing problems accordingly.

1. Xbox One Won’t Turn On At All

In such a state, when your Xbox One won’t turn on at all, just follow these methods to fix this issue.

Check the Controller: First try to turn on the Xbox One console through the power button on the console or the Xbox button on the controller. If the later one is not working properly then use the former one and change the battery in the controller. After this turn off the Xbox One, and then again try to turn on it with the controller.

If this trick doesn’t work then use a USB cord to connect the controller to the Xbox One console. If you don’t get positive results that means the problem is in the controller. And you need to change it with a new controller.

Check the Power Cord: Make sure that the power cord is properly connected to the power switch and the Xbox One console. Because, any issue with the connection or power strip, will result in the issue of turning on your console.

2. Xbox One Shuts Down Suddenly

This happens when the Xbox One becomes heated up. In this case, it will result in a sudden shut down of your console. Now, all you need to do is to remove external devices from it and put it in a cool place. And always try to use Xbox One in a properly ventilated space. Make sure that the vents of Xbox One are on that side from where the air can easily gets into it. One more thing to keep in mind is always use a dry cloth to clean the dust from the vents.

3. Xbox One Shuts Off And Won’t Turn Back On

Sometimes the Xbox One console turns off or shuts down, not just because of a power issue or ventilation problem. The reason is that sometimes the console may go into sleep more without turning off the power. This may occur due to the Instant-On feature of this device. To correct this issue you can go to the settings and select the Power & Start-up section.

In that section, you will see the Instant-On option which allows a fast booting process. Along with that, you can use the energy-saving mode. And also the Instant On feature makes your console faster hence it will turn on quickly. Check whether the auto-shutdown feature is on or off because it is also one of the reasons which no child wants to be seen by anyone.

4. Xbox One Beeps But Won’t Turn On

This is a situation when the Xbox One beeps but won’t turn on. Well, there is no clear reason behind this issue. But you can do one thing to alter this situation. That is, use the Power button to turn on the Xbox One. Repeat it if, the Xbox One doesn’t turn on in one try. This kind of situation is normal and can occur with any Xbox One device.

But in case, it is still not turned on after clicking on the Power button which means there must be a terrible issue with the device. For this, you need to repair or change your Xbox One.There is another way to fix the issue of not turning on your Xbox One. For this, you need to unplug your device for 10 or more seconds and then plug in the power cord and start it again.

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Well, here you get to know about the most common issue of not tuning on Xbox One and how you can fix it. So, try any of the given solutions to solve this issue as per your need.How did you fix the problem of turning on of Xbox One device? And which solution do you use to fix this issue? Tell us in the comment section.