Samsung had been doing great with the A series of smartphones that they had been coming up with. The people of the tech world were very impressed, and the people of the world who are generally using smartphones are also very happy with the phones as they are said to provide good value for money.

This is indeed something that everyone looks for in a mobile phone. In the turn of events, we have come to know about a fact that is confusing us a little bit. The very Samsung Galaxy A53 series is said to have ditched the Headphone Jack so as to get a sleeker design for the phone.

Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Has Ditched Headphone Jack

Earlier today, there had been this that happened with the Indian tech publication Digit, they had been known to tell us some true facts about techs before the official announcement. Well, in the world of tech, we are always getting leaks from somewhere.

They, in collaboration with leaker Onleaks, have gone ahead and posted CAD-based 3D renders of the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G.

The fact that they have provided states that the design of the new phone remains more or less the same, but if you look closely, you will see that there had been one big change in a certain area that is easy to miss but not that easy to avoid at all.

The place where the headphone jack is supposed to be is not there. It is completely gone. This is a very sudden and very big change for Samsung as they might have attempted this before, but they were not bold enough then at that point in time, but it seems to be happening now.

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This is very much likely to become a trend in the future phones that are going to be released. Now some people might not take it well, but there are always ways to change the inevitable.

It is indeed something that is going to take some time to get used to if it is going to become a trend in the other phones too. That’s all for now.